Support the Ukrainians

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photogenX europe e.V

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Subject: Ukrainische Flüchtlinge/ Harfe


IBAN DE17 8305 0303 0011 0166 47

Dear friends,

How much our world has changed in the past few days.

Let’s all stand together quickly help the women and children in their great need who arrive here in Germany with broken hearts, not knowing whether they will ever be able to see their husbands, fathers and sons again .

If you can open your houses and make room for mothers with their children, young people or elderly people who are looking for a place to stay until the war hopefully ends soon. Those who, for various reasons, cannot do this, you can do something in other ways.

As a base we are taking in 41 women with their children and teenagers without any parent. If you want to support the project, we are very grateful for any support!

Let’s stand together, pray and do what we can to help them in this great need!

Shalom, much love
YWAM Bad Blankenburg