Welcome to our Home!

We love receiving new people in our home.
We will show you around our base and our accommodations so you can feel free to come, meet and spend time with us.


Here is the place that you will be involved with our community.

Our auditorium has many different roles, when not being used for our public Thursday night meeting – Harfe Abend, staff meeting or our Monday morning worship, the auditorium serves as a giant lounge room for people to enjoy throughout the day.

The Dining Room

Take a seat and let’s eat.

We really enjoy spending time and having meals together here. Our dining areas are set up for lunch and dinners and otherwise are for general use.

Cafe Global

An exciting project with a vision to make an impact near and far.

The aim is to promote intercultural understanding, provide professional training and practical skills for refugees and financially support missions in closed or difficult countries.


Think outside – the box.

Our base has a beautiful garden where you can sit, relax and have some Jesus time. You can see all the beauties of Bad Blankenburg, chill with friends or even do a snow ball battle.


Let’s start the journey

During your school, you will have a classroom to call your own. Set up by your wonderful staff to accommodate lectures, worship and meeting times, the classroom is where so much of the excitement happens.

The Kitchen

Good food, good mood.

We work together to serve food and make people happy. Our staff team prepares the most diverse and delicious lunch for all our people, students, volunteers and visitors.