My Biggest Vision: Loren Cunningham – Oral Mother Tongues (OMT)

“The biggest vision that I could ever imagine is to get the Bible and the message of Jesus in every language on earth.” -Loren Cunningham

See & share this new 9min film on Loren Cunningham’s final legacy word to the world.


Oral Mother Tongue

Awakening the Word: OMT

Welcome to the transformative journey of Oral Mother Tongue (OMT) Bible Translation, the second great wave of YWAM. Inspired by Loren Cunningham’s bold vision, this wave challenges us to go further. In a world where 90% of mother tongues lack access to the complete Bible and one billion adults lack reading skills, a powerful call arises – the second wave. It’s a call to share God’s message, where each language is a divine melody, and every culture is a unique expression of creation.

We are committed to bringing the light of the Word to the remotest communities and the most diverse cultures, through the fundamental art of sharing the events and teachings of Scripture in oral form.


Oral Mother Tongue (OMT) is more than just a translation; it’s a bridge between worlds, a link between the Creator and the creature. It’s about bringing God’s Word to people in their mother tongue, even when 90% of them lack access to the complete Bible, and two out of three adults will never learn to read.

OMT strives to make the Word come alive, narrating the divine message with respect, authenticity, and love. We are building a spiritual legacy for future generations, using the power of oral mother tongues to introduce Jesus to every culture, so that all peoples, languages, and nations may glorify God on earth as it is done in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)

Our Mission

Our mission is simple and profound: to make the Word of God accessible to all, especially those whose languages are not written or who lack the ability to read. Currently, thousands of languages and dialects are silent, without a single page of the Bible to tell the Creator’s love story to His creation. OMT is the answer.

We will breathe life into the words, narrating the divine message with respect, authenticity, and love. In doing so, we will build a spiritual legacy for future generations, fulfilling Jesus’ commandment.

How You Can Participate

We are committed to empowering people like you to be agents of change in your own communities. If you feel called to be part of this mission and learn the art of OMT Bible Translation, enroll in our training.

This is an invitation to become a guardian of the Word, to be a voice in the darkness, to be hope for those longing to hear divine stories in their own language.


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