Are you ready to embark on an exciting and transformative journey through the Bible?

Word by Heart school is the perfect opportunity to dive deep into God’s Word and experience it in a whole new way. During the school, you will be challenged to trust that God’s Word is sufficient for life transformation.
You will learn the complete panorama of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and every story and teaching will be brought to life in a way that touches your heart and empowers you to share the gospel with the world. As storytellers, we will learn to bring Jesus’ words to life, bridging cultures and languages, and sharing the message of love and hope that the Bible contains.

So join us on this exciting adventure and let the Word of God transform your life and empower you to transform the world around you. Sign up now for the Word by Heart school and start your journey of transformation!

Word by Heart

Genesis to Revelation


    • Begins: 24, April 2023
    • Length: 3 months
    • Language(s): German, English, Portuguese, Ukrainian
    • Related passion: Spiritual Growth, Bible
    • Region & Country: Europe, Germany
More Information
Act like eyewitnesses to Jesus’ story, the greatest story ever told. Word By Heart helps you know Jesus personally and share him in a unique way by internalizing stories from the Bible and sharing them word-for-word with others. You’ll experience Him through your own imagination. It’ll be as if you were walking with him while he performed many miracles like healing the man with a withered hand.

Engaging with Jesus in this way will change you. Jesus lived the most impacting life ever lived. As you draw close to him, he will start to transform you. You will experience a surge of energy for him that will empower you to spread his good news everywhere.

The Word By Heart: Genesis to Revelation School meshes the three-month Word By Heart School and the Bible Core Curriculum requirements for a University of the Nations degree.

Open Weeks

Come and join us for 1 – 3 open weeks! Maybe you are available for just a week or two, or maybe you want to have a taste of the school to see if you want to continue for the whole school.

Week One (24/4 – 2/5): is essential as it teaches the storytelling method and gives the overview

  • €200 – Live onsite: includes food (only lunch), housing and educational costs. Note – we have limited accomodation space.
  • €150 – Own accommodation: price includes weekday lunches and educational costs.

You can join for up to two additional weeks of your choice for the same cost. Each week will focus on a different section of the Bible as we journey from Genesis to Revelation.

You are welcome to sign up for the whole 3 months anytime during the open weeks and the cost will be the balance of the school fees.

Classes will be in the mornings and afternoons from Monday to Friday, with some Outreach on the weekend.


Topics Include:

  • Experience Biblical history through the analysis of the text, giving meaning to the event;
  • Create images that help you appropriate the story;
  • Learn the exact words of the Scriptures;
  • Practice the story;
  • Tell the story.
Course Fees
2,600 Euros per person in Europe.

Depending on the continent you come from, other rates apply (check with us).

This includes:

  • Accommodation;
  • Food;
  • educational costs.

*The fees do not include: visas or personal expenses such as toiletries, snacks and postage, airfare and bus or train/shuttle to get to Bad Blankenburg. We do provide pick-ups from Erfurt train station.


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