Freedom Seminar

August 15-26, 2022

Emotional healing and freedom are a crucial part of the discipleship process. Join us for a 2 week intensive seminar focused on a personal journey of healing and how to disciple others on the same journey. We will explore similar topics covered in Counseling Foundation courses. The first week will focus on personal freedom with the second week transitioning to leading others through the same process.

This seminar will be led by Darrel and Jan Lowder (USA) who have spent 10 years ministering and counseling students and staff at various YWAM bases.

For more information, please contact Darrel at darrellowder@gmail.com


Freedom Seminar 2022 flyer. Dates August 15-26 in Bad Blankenburg Germany. Cost is 100 euros when registering before 1 August. After 1 August cost is 120 euros. Hosted by Darrel and Jan Lowder