Are you ready to embark on an exciting and transformative journey through the Bible?

The Word by Heart school is the perfect opportunity to dive deep into the Word of God and experience it in an entirely new way. Throughout the school, you will be challenged to trust that the Word of God is sufficient for life transformation.
We will explore the complete narrative of the book of Ruth, and each story and teaching will come to life in a way that touches your heart and empowers you to share the message of faith and hope with the world. As storytellers, we will learn to breathe life into the words of Ruth, bridging cultures and languages, and sharing the richness of the message contained in this inspiring story.

So, come with us on this exciting adventure and let the Word of God, as revealed in Ruth, transform your life, empowering you to influence the world around you. Enroll now in the Word by Heart school and begin your journey of transformation!

Word by Heart

The Book of Ruth



    • Begins: — Comming soon —
    • Length: 5 weeks
    • Language(s): German, English, Portuguese, Ukrainian
    • Related passion: Spiritual Growth, Bible
    • Region & Country: Europe, Germany

Topics Include:

  • Experience Biblical history through the analysis of the text, giving meaning to the event;
  • Create images that help you appropriate the story;
  • Learn the exact words of the Scriptures;
  • Practice the story;
  • Tell the story.


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